Zina Hemady

Zina Hemady, circa 1990

Zina Hemady is a writer and editor, with experience in various forms of writing. She started her professional life as a news reporter for Reuters News Agency and The Associated Press in the Middle East in the late 1980s. While working as a journalist, Hemady covered civil strife in Lebanon, anti-government militancy in Egypt, the Arab-Israeli conflict and regional events during the first Gulf War. Although a large portion of her work consisted of political reporting, Hemady’s true passion was feature writing where she delved into the lives of ordinary people exploring their struggles, aspirations, and accomplishments. Hemady also worked as the text editor of the stock photo agency Focusmideast, and wrote the text for 28 Days that Changed Lebanon, a book published by the agency.

After journalism, Hemady moved to educational writing. She became the Program Director of English at Sabis ® Educational System in North America. Hemady and her team are in charge of developing an English Language Arts program that is used by tens of thousands of students enrolled in Sabis® schools across the globe. Hemady works with writers within and outside the organization to develop fiction and nonfiction texts and ancillary materials for students and teachers from KG to 12th grade. The materials are produced in several formats including print, ebooks, audio books, and Interactive White Boards.

While working in education, Hemady has continued to work on personal writing projects including writing and editing text for photorientalist.org.

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