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    • Norbert Schiller

      Thanks for your comment, this is only the beginning. In future I hope to include other privately owned collections as well.

      • Elias Awad

        Hello Mr Schiller,

        Myself a third generation Egyptian born in Heliopolis to a Greek mother (born in Istanbul ) and a Cairo-born father (of Syrian descent), I migrated to France in the early seventies.
        I am presently a retired journalist after a career of forty odd years working in a wide array of fields, mainly sci-tech, economy and some politics.
        For many years now — since the late 1980’s, actually —I’ve been a free lance translator between English, French and Arabic.
        Do I understand you are planning to write a book about the Zottos family saga? If so, I’d love to purchase and read it when published… And maybe also translate it?!



        • Norbert Schiller

          Hi Mr. Award,
          I haven’t thought about writing a book about the Zottos family. I am surprised by all the attention I have gotten from the piece I wrote and I would ;ike to get more information particularly about Nino Zottos and his relationship with Andreas Zottos. Is Nino the grandson of Andreas?? I also would be very interested in during a followup story about the Zottos family if I could find additional family photos and learn a little more on what exactly happened to the family when they left Egypt. If anyone can help please contact m,e


  1. Hi, this is Maria Golia, long-time resident of Egypt. I loved the Zottos exhibition – it reminded me of the 1980s when imported alcohol was hard to come by, and Zottos rum was an essential ingredient in many parties. My friend Curtis Jones invented a cocktail called ‘camel’s milk’ – Zotto’s rich dark rum, condensed milk and a dusting of nutmeg on top (over as much ice as you could lay your hands on – another rare commodity). It had quite a kick to it!

  2. Dean Zottos

    Mr Schiller, This is an absolutely wonderful collection pictures and information on the Zottos Family. My family and I are trying to trace our roots to find the connection. Our Great Grandfather migrated to the US from Greece and his brother migrated to Egypt.

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