Farouk at a costume party with Princess Shivekiar, the first wife of his father, King Fuad I, and his Lebanese Egyptian Press Secretary Karim Thabet (second from right wearing funny hat). Princess Shivekiar’s younger Brother Seif Eddin attempted to kill Fuad in 1898. After Farouk ascended to the throne, Princess Shivekiar tried to break up the union between Farouk and his mother, Nazli, and his first wife Queen Farida. She was also known for her affairs with much younger men. Karim Thabet was one of the most hated members of Farouk’s cabinet. He sent false press releases of Egyptian victories in the 1948 war with Israel and is alleged to have made a bundle of money on arms scams that gave the Egyptian army inferior weapons (on a personal note he is a distant relative of my wife on his mother’s side).

Norbert Schiller Collection/unknown photographer

Picture scanned from an original 18cm X 24cm silver gelatin print.

Copyright: Unknown

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