Exhibition – A Tale of Two Photographers: Jean Weinberg

Weinberg Studio Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey

Weinberg: Egyptian Royals

Weinberg: Studio Cairo, Egypt


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  1. Chris Pratt-Johnson

    I was doing some research on the photographer stamped and signed on my Father’s WWII Portrait and came accross this site.
    It is 9×6-1/2″ and is signed by Jean Weinberg and on the reverse the standard Jean Weinberg stamp and numbered in Cairo.
    If I could decipher the rank, I could tell you exactly what year, circa 1944-45. I could email you a scanned copy of the portrait front and back if you wish. Is there any value to jean Weinberg photos?
    Chris Pratt-Johnson
    Moraira, Spain

    • norbert

      Dear Chris,

      Thanks for your note.

      Jean Weinberg was a popular photographer especially among Allied troops stationed in Egypt during WWII. Many photos of his still regularly appear on popular auction websites such as ebay. Weinberg’s photographs are not that sought after and can be found for under 50 dollars. The only exceptions are the photos he took of Egypt’s Royal family and the ones he took of Kamal Ataturk, Turkey’s first president, in the 1920s. Those images are highly sought after and can fetch high prices.

      What makes your father’s photo special is that there is a story behind the image. As a collector, I am always staring at pictures without knowing the story behind the person in the photograph. If you send me a good quality scan of you father’s picture (both front and back) and tell me a little something about him, particularly what he was doing in Egypt at the time, I will include him in the Weinberg gallery. I’ll also write some of the information you give me in the metadata. I’ll also credit the photo as belonging to you.

      I’m glad you contacted me because I don’t want this website to be about only my photographic collection. It’s essential that others like yourself come forward and contribute.

      You can send a scan of the photo and any information you want to add to the following email: nschiller@photorientalist.org

      I look forward to hearing from you.



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