Exhibition – Operation Blue Bat: The 1958 U.S. Invasion of Lebanon

Press Photos from The Norbert Schiller Collection

Photographs by Colonel Charles Smilie while deployed as a Marine to Lebanon in 1958



The 1958 U.S. Invasion of Lebanon:

Jesuit Winemakers of Lebanon's Bekaa Valley



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  1. John Kavanaugh

    interesting that nothing is mentioned of a belly-landing of one of the airplanes landing at the airport, full of commandos

  2. Robert Evans

    The air cover to the Beirut operation. provided by the USS Saratoga off the Beirut coast was not mentioned. We flew several sorties that day. I remember watching from the flight deck as our aircraft launched and landed.


    Task force 201,formed from th 24th inf div,187th rct formally 11th abn div isnt mentioned in these reports,crazy because we set up the field communication for the entire situation/SSGT William flynn commo section,187th RCT,we made 3 jumps with gp bags and rolls of telephone cable,then walk several miles back to the comm center.
    Problem is we didnt have time to foto,we were too busy running cable and dodging pop shots from the hills alongside the trail
    PS I was just a spec 4 at the time,after serving 28 years I retired

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